Our Programs:

Leadership Enrichment and Development (LEAD)

LEAD is a program designed for women who seek to fulfill their unique calling, for life and leadership. It is for women of all ages. Our LEAD Program encompasses:

  • biblically-based training offerings and events such as prayer retreats, classes and workshops centering around a woman's call to ministry and leadership 
  • small group meetings (Connection Groups) designed to intensively reflect content from our training events
  • a coaching network

Connection Groups

We currently are pleased to offer TouchPoints Connections, a region-wide network of small groups designed to foster relationship, provide professional, emotional and spiritual support, and connect women in ministry. We are passionate about equipping, encouraging and nuturing women in ministry, and seek continuous growth and improvement, for ourselves, our members and our organizations. We seek partnerships with other organizations comprising like-minded hearts.


TouchPoints believes that coaching and mentoring creates momentum to maximize growth and success in life and ministry. Small group coaching workshops are available using Listen to My Life curriculum.  Trained facilitators for Listen to My Life are Colleen Nordlund and Julie Jensen.  For more information or to learn where a group is forming in your community contact us at info@touchpointsministry.